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Beauty and the Geek: Episodes 2 and 3
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Well I'm behind on my blogging again, which means I'll have to sum up both episodes quick. The challenges for episode two were pretty cool. Guys had to draw a naked model and pay attention to her constant chattering about herself. The guys thought the challenge was to draw the best picture, so of course they were shocked when they realized they didn't pay attention to a single thing the model said. What annoyed me about the challenge was that the girls were so harsh on the guys who didn't win the challenge. I was very impressed with Mario for winning and knowing that many details about the model.

I remember most of the girls seeing the drawings the guys made and making comments like "so that's all you paid attention to, her boobs? see, that just shows you don't listen to women." Okay seriously, can you really blame these guys? Most guys don't listen to girls anyway, and especially for these "geeks" who probably haven't seen too many naked women in their life, what do you expect?! I just thought the girls were too harsh.

The girls challenge was kinda boring, just doing a tour in a museum; nothing special. The elimination was interesting because the two non-blondes were sent to be eliminated. I was surprised when, after answering all their questions correctly, Andrea commented "that's because we're the best two teams." Wow! That's a pretty gutsy statment right there, especially when you know everyone else is watching you. In the end, Sheree and Piao got kicked off, which kinda bummed me because I liked Piao.

Fast forward to episode three. Again the girls' challenge was nothing special. The focus was on the guys, who had their big makeovers this episode. I knew Nate and Scooter would look so much better after they got rid of all the facial hair, but meh, I'm not head over heels or anything. I still love Nate and Mario though, they're my two favorites.

Not surprised with the elimination round, that Andrea got sent back to the elimination room. I didn't like her in the first episode, but I did feel bad for her in this episode, and I'm glad that she stood her ground and didn't break down. In general this season isn't as exciting for me, because I don't really like any of these girls. I think this season has the most young people, and it's getting to the point where it's like watching some lame MTV reality show. Girls fighting over stupid things, while the guys are bonding and making the most out of the experience. I can't stand that type of stuff, so I'm hoping it gets better from here.


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Hot diggity dang, I love David Beckham!
Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yes, yes, we've all heard the news: David Beckham has signed with the LA Galaxy! Now you know there ain't no shame in my game, so I'm admitting this right now: I am going to be on the soccer bandwagon. I've never really watched soccer, except for the World Cup games. So of course I'm only going to start taking an interest because Beckham will be local.
I think this is a really good thing for LA, to have someone famous like Beckham come here. Ticket sales are gonna fly through the roof, and he'll be able to play with a (no other way to put it) suckier team and keep up with the other players. I think he was getting a bit slow in keeping up with those younger European soccer athletes.
Now the hard part, getting tickets once Beckham joins the team. I know my boss has been a Galaxy fan since way back when and now is the time to be extra nice to him. He asked for my help today with something at work, and I replied in my email: Sure thing. In return you can do me a favor by sending me to a Galaxy game when Beckham arrives. He replied: You got it! Hah! You know I'm saving that email, he better be true to his word.
In conclusion I'd like to post up some Beckham pics....a lot of these you've already seen, but oh well, this one's for you Dylan!

OMG he looks soooo good here.....

And here.....

**dreamy sigh**


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Anyone watch Nashville Star?
So there was nothing for me to watch tonight so I started watching Nashville Star. Apparently the show is on its fifth season, and I'll admit, I don't watch this like I do American Idol. The only Nashville Star contestant I recognize on the radio is Miranda Lambert. Right now it's the top 10, so let's cut to the chase! Here are my random observations:
1) I love country music, but I'm really biased because I prefer male singers over the females. So for me, watching all these girls is really boring. They all sound the same. I'm gonna have to pick my favorites based on stage presence and looks then. So let's see, Kasey: I know you're going to disagree with me... but is it just me or did she look like the brunette version of Miranda Lambert in tonight's episode? Meg: She reminds me of the country version of Katherine McPhee from AI. Whitney: she reminded me of Heather Locklear tonight but I missed her performance. I think based on tonight I liked Kasey the best.

2) The two that got eliminated: Rickiejoleen and Tim LaRoche. These are the two people I would have eliminated so I'm glad the judges thought the same too. Okay, I've only seen one episode but compared to the others, these two just weren't as good as the others. Plus, Tim's got long hair that I'm not diggin.

3) Now let's move on to the men: Dustin: meh! he reminds me of Constantine from AI. His performance was just okay for me, but he does have a cute butt. =) Josh: He sang My Wish by Rascal Flatts. Okay after hearing this, I'm more convinced that RF are the bomb! No one can sing that song like the lead singer in RF. His performance was okay but he looked like he was out of breath the whole time. The performance was very tense and I felt like I couldn't breathe just watching him gasp for air. David: This guy is the best lookin one! He's kinda cute. He gets my vote!


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My life lesson for the day
Thursday, January 04, 2007

Never instant message someone when you're angry.

Work is pretty busy these days, and most of my coworkers and I are dreading the next three months of "busy season." I admit, when I get stressed, I tend to do/say things without thinking first. Just 5 more seconds of extra brain power can usually save my butt from doing/saying something I would regret later.

Well I pulled a major "Daphne" today when I got annoyed at the guy sitting next to me in the conference room. Now mind you, I don't sit in a cubicle like most corporate America. I usually work in conference rooms with a team anywhere between two and six people. So this guy next to me says something that I disagreed with, and since I have seniority over him I corrected him. Well for some reason he didn't let the subject drop and something inside me just snapped. I immediately pulled up my "buddy list" so that I could type an instant message to my other coworker. In the message I said something like "gee I feel bad for being so harsh to him but seriously it annoys me when he doesn't listen to me the first time."

Yah, you guessed it. The message went to the person I was annoyed with, and not the other guy. As soon as I saw it I wanted to crawl in a hole. I realized though that I didn't say any names, but it's pretty obvious given the context of the message and the fact that I was just talking to this guy that it was him. So he messages me back and says "who are you talking about?" and I just totally LIED (yes I know I know, don't throw stones at me) and said I was talking about another guy in the room. He just said "oh, ok." but I could tell the wheels were spinning in his head.

Okay, I feel AWFUL. Honestly, I really like this guy... I love working with him, but I just snapped. I shouldn't have even been pissed off at him because he works so hard and he's just a great person. So yes, I'm scum, I'm admitting it. And I am saying this in cyberspace land... I am SORRY. I don't know what I would've done if I had said his name in that message. So in the future I will try not to message anyone when I get angry, or even better... just follow the ol saying "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."


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Beauty & The Geek: Episode 1
Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I've been watching this show since season one, so I was really excited I got home in time to watch the 3rd season premiere. I love this show! I get so embarrassed watching it (I have to walk out of the room once in awhile), but I can't seem to stop watching. After one episode, I already know who I like and don't like.

Like: Nate the star wars rock band guy. It's kinda creepy that he looks so much like George Lucas in his younger days, but this guy has a great personality and he loves star wars, which is something I love too. He's a geek, but from the first task I can tell that he's pretty comfortable with himself and I think he's gonna go all the way. His skills in the second task, stand up comedy were awesome. I loved his jokes, they were clean and hilarious.

Hate: The perfect SAT guy. Okay seriously, this guy just has that look that says: I'm an arrogant jerk and I'm smarter than all of you. I hate him already. He's so condescending and seems like he's always holding in his laughter about the girls not being as smart as he is. I hate that.

Like: Mario the video gamer. Well, I'm a total dork because I love video games myself, but what I like about this guy is that he realized right away he was wrong for judging his partner even before the first task. After they talked about wanting to stay, he admitted that he realized he could learn something from her. I like his partner too.

Hate: Amanda the beauty pageant queen. She's mean! She reminds me of that girl last season who was really smart but was very critical of her partner. She scares me, I would never be her friend.

Hate: Tori the model. She seems lazy and the only reason she got pissed at her partner was because she probably knows he's right. She barely read her study materials. Reminds me of Jennipher from last season.

I'm sure I'll post more as the show progresses. For now I'll conclude by putting down my favorite lines from this episode:

Who's your favorite team Lakers or Clippers? Response: LA has two teams??

Probably the last time I saw a group of beautiful women at once was in a men's magazine at the 7-Eleven while I was drinking my slurpee.

I love girls but if I were to choose between Star Trek and girls.. I'd probably pick Star Trek.

Is it Star Trek or Star Track?

So you're saying you can't get booty? Booty? you mean like a pirate's treasure?


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