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I don't know why I care but I do
Monday, April 30, 2007
So I just found out that one of my old high school crushes "Nick" is engaged. Okay, big deal, whatever, I don't care. But for some reason, I'm really bothered by it. Not him being engaged, but just the fact that he's engaged to someone also from hs. I guess it's not THAT surprising, given that he used to have a crush on her back then. But she was always this tom boy that (as far as I know) never returned his feelings. I never really liked this girl, which isn't fair since I didn't know her at all. But she just never seemed friendly. I've never seen her smile, and I just couldn't understand back then why Nick ever liked her. She's sooo not even pretty (yes, I know I'm being a b*tch right now LOL).

So why does this bother me? I dunno, I wouldn't even go out with Nick now if he asked me. I have zero interest in him, so why am I so fascinated by this news? It's like being disgusted that such and such celebrity married so and so celebrity. Like who cares ya know? I shouldn't care, yet I do. After thinking about this for like five minutes at my desk, I think I know what it is. I'm not annoyed by the fact that Nick is engaged. I'm annoyed by the fact that hey, if you're gonna "dump" me (okay we never went out, but I didn't wanna use the word "reject") at least do it for someone good! Yamean?! Like, ugh. I wanna throw up when I think about hs.. how could I have been so in love with such a loser? Yes, loser. He has to be a loser if he's gonna pick that chick. Which makes ME feel like a loser for liking a loser back then.

Oh well, Nick... wherever you are out there... good luck to ya!


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Book Binge
Hey everyone! As many of you know, my other blog home away from home has been Sanctuary's Finest. I'll admit, I'm not the most active member on that blog. It takes me a bit longer to read books, and an even longer time to finally get off my lazy butt and write up a review. Even my personal blog has been just sorta "meh" and I don't really expect readers to be checking it every day. Why should they, when I don't post every day?

Anyway, SF will still be up and running, but in the meantime, please go check out the latest and greatest blog, Book Binge. Set up by the same lovely gals who brought you SF, but with a newer look, and hopefully newer faces. So please stop on by, take a peek and say hello!

- Daphne


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Random Update
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
So Benny called me last night, totally out of the blue. He called just to see how I was doing. I replied, "I'm doing great! And you?" He told me the following:

1) He got a motorcycle license and is planning on getting a bike now. Okay wtf? Are you trying to get in an accident? Whatever. *rolls eyes*
2) His parents are vacationing in Prague and he's feeling kinda alone
3) Every weekend he goes out to a party or club and just gets drunk. "I should probably stop drinking so much huh?" he says. Yah. I didn't really have anything to comment to that.
4) "Well, tell your grandpa I said Happy Birthday. Or maybe don't tell him. I dunno, maybe it's best not to say anything." LOL I got a kick out of that one.

That was pretty much it. I had to go because I was at a birthday dinner with my whole family. When I got back to the table they were all surprised to hear he had called. They all said he probably misses me but I shouldn't cave in. And ya know what? I don't think I will. Had he called a week ago, I probably would've been hopeful, but now I really think I am over it. Thank goodness for my little excursion last Friday (see previous post). It really just gave me the boost I need and self confidence to move forward.

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It wasn't a date!
Monday, April 23, 2007
I didn't realize so many people cared about my non-existent social life, but since it's Monday and I'm already receiving numberous emails/texts/IMs about Friday night, here's the story to shut you all up. (hehe, j/k)

So two weeks ago my coworker invited me to his open mic night he and his roomies were hosting on their front lawn. He lives right by the beach and I figured it'd be cool to do something than my normal Friday night dates with Borders. It was a really fun experience, just to chill on the lawn, meet random people and oogle hot guys. Well apparently I must've made an impression on this guy (let's just call him Rob) because Monday morning my coworker said "hey remember that guy Rob from Friday?" Me: "No." Coworker: "oh. well anyway, he asked me for your number, and I gave it to him, is that okay?" Me: "Well shoot, I guess it's okay since you already gave it. But I seriously don't remember what this guy looks like."

Anyway, flash forward to Friday night. We went to this business-y networking event, that included dinner and a guest speaker. I was nervous for a lot of reasons. 1) I'm still somewhat recovering from my last 5 year relationship with Benny 2) I had no idea what this guy looked like (I vaguely remember talking to him and thinking at the time that he was cute) 3) This is technically the first time a random guy has asked me for my number 4) I had no idea what to wear 5) I wasn't sure what his intentions were (basically, was this casual or like a real date?)

I decided to go with my professional business suit. I arrived at his place earlier than he expected, b/c when I called he said "oh you're here already?! shoot, i'm not ready yet, but let me get the door for you" So he opened the door, and invited me in. Well hello there, I thought to myself. He's pretty cute. I stepped in and he gave me the up and down perusal. (By now I'm already blushing) "Wow, you look great," he said. "Thanks, I wasn't sure if this would be appropriate for tonight," I replied. "Oh no that's perfect, you look great. Okay have a seat and I'll be ready in a few minutes." He was ready in about 8 minutes and we left and got in his spiffy truck. He opened my door of course, and we headed over to the hotel where the dinner event was.

We got there kind of early so we decided to walk the grounds and chat/get to know each other better. One thing that was embarrassing... I borrowed my mom's new cute pumps (my work pumps are a bit old fashioned looking) and they were a little looser than I thought so I was taking major baby steps. Well, we crossed this wooden bridge and wouldn't you know it, my heel gets caught in the gap. I almost fell, it was so embarrassing, but he helped me up and I just laughed it off.

So moving on... we arrive at the hall and sign in. I notice right away that I'm the minority in the crowd. I was pretty much the only asian girl in the predominantly caucasian-filled room. It's not really an issue for me, but I did stand out like a sore thumb. He politely introduced me to acquaintances and I think I was able to carry on conversation pretty well. I do have experience in attending these business type events. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intimidated by the crowd. There were top execs from major companies all over the room, CEOs, CFOs, etc. Yah, I was a little scared.

We sat at our designated table (thankfully the back corner) and were joined by 4 more ppl at our table. Twice during the evening I heard comments made to Rob like "Wow, is that your guest? She's a cutie, good job" or "Better hold on to her, she's beautiful." It was a little awkward because hello! I'm standing right here I can hear you ppl! Yet flattering at the same time, yes, definitely nice to hear that. We had a nice dinner, chatted a bit, and then listened to the guest speaker.

The only "weird" part about the evening was the fact that the majority of attendees were LDS, and I wasn't. That's totally fine, and I knew it was going to be like that, but a lady asked me a question that totally caught me off guard. She said "what school did you go to?" followed by "oh that's nice. Were you a part of the Institute?" Okay. For me, the only institute I know of is a mental institute, so I had this really confused look on my face. I said "sorry, I'm not sure I know what the institute is." Well that was pretty much the dead giveaway that I'm not a LDS. She was extremely nice about it though, and whenever other LDS terms came up she just politely explained them to me. Dang, I thought I knew my basic terms already. Guess I missed the memo on the whole institute thing. It's ok no biggie.

So after the event was over we started to head out. An announcement was made saying we could bring home the table centerpieces. Rob said "Sweet, I'm going to take ours I want to give it to this girl." .......**cricket cricket** I guess he realized immediately what he said because he followed it by "Oh no but don't worry, she's like 43 years old and she's a neighbor of mine." Hahaha! Oh that was priceless. I just started laughing and said "It's okay you don't have to explain." We went back to his place and from there we kinda wanted to hang out more but wasn't sure where we could go. I said, we don't have to go anywhere we can just hang out here.

So we went back to his place, I had a change of clothes (no way I was gonna keep wearing my suit and stockings) and put on my jeans and sweater inside. He went inside to change too and when he came out he had a button down collared shirt and a sweater over it. Well the buttons were crooked and the shirt was all lopsided. He said "Oh shoot I think I might need your help." Hm. That was kinda weird. haha. We then sat on the couch and just talked. Talked talked talked, about work, school, family, his mission, music, all kinds of things. It was really relaxed and I didn't feel as nervous as the dinner event. At one point we looked back at the program and were looking through the names of the execs. He got up all close to me so he could read it too, and I swear, it was... I dunno. Nice? LOL

It was a little after 11 when I left, and he walked me to my car. Told me about the next event and said he'd love to hang out again. Then he gave me a hug. So that's pretty much it. My non-date! It wasn't a date okay people?

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Monday, April 16, 2007
I was going to blog about the Bachelor, episode 3, but meh, I don't feel like it. Nothing exciting to report on this episode anyway.

So something happened to me at lunch today. I'm normally a pretty talkative person, but this incident literally left me speechless. My coworkers and I went to TGIF's for lunch. We walked in the same time as a woman with overprocessed 80's style big hair and her mother. Well they were kinda just standing there, and they didn't approach the hostess right away because the mom dropped her glasses. So I'm just standing there, with two of my coworkers, and we're waiting for the other three people to arrive. Anyway, it looked like the hostess made eye contact with me as she asked "how many in your party?" So I said.. "six," the same time big hair lady said "three." Then I said to big hair lady, "oh sorry, go ahead, you guys are in front of me." She simply turned around and said "Yes we are. You're quite perceptive." Then she walked away with her mom and followed the hostess to her table.

Okay seriously, I was just dumbfounded. Completely taken aback by that statement. My boss who was behind me said "oh my gosh, did she just say that? That was uncalled for!" I pretty much was angry with myself the whole lunch time, for not having some kind of response for that woman's rude statement. Why oh why couldn't I have been witty enough to reply to that? I swear, my blood boils just thinking about her. How rude! (as Stephanie Tanner from Full House would say!) I watched her go to the restroom and I swear I fantasized about walking in there and giving her the smackdown. I could take her, I watch enough wrestling.

The only relief I got out of the lunch hour was seeing the third addition to her party... her ugly, bald, fat husband. Hah, no wonder this woman has a bad attitude.


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New Moon by Stephanie Meyer
Sunday, April 15, 2007
I just added my thoughts about New Moon to the SF blog. Here's the link to my review. Anyway, gosh I can't wait until the next one comes out again. I just got Twilight back from my coworker, and I'm thinking I want to do a reread of this. For some reason, I didn't really remember Jacob much when I read New Moon, but now I want to go back and reread the Jacob parts from Twilight. And yes, I still love Edward, even though he couldn't grace us with a lot of his presence in New Moon.


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Why do I torture myself?
Thursday, April 12, 2007
Every day I check his myspace. Why? I dunno, I'm stupid, I'm psycho, I'm not over it yet. And each time I do it, I just know it's going to upset me. So again, I ask myself, why do I keep doing this? Well, simple. It's because I want to see who is leaving him comments. I want to torture myself by seeing that he's got plans to go clubbing or whatever on the weekend. I torture myself by seeing random girls with skanky looking pictures and profiles set to "private" leave comments on his page. I torture myself by thinking of him talking to these girls, laughing with these girls, dancing with these girls. God, I'm pathetic. I'm angry. I'm hurt. I'm sad. Like I've lost my best friend. I know I'm being unfair. It's like I want to move on, but I don't want him to be with anyone else. I remember saying I wanted to be friends down the road. Now that I think back on it... I probably meant... "I want to remain friends.. as long as you're not dating anyone new."

Is it possible for exes to be friends down the road? I used to say yes, but right now I'm not so sure.


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For you Mormishmom
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
I added the countdown to Eclipse! See the right hand side. =)

Now we just have to order our T-shirts. Hah!
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The Bachelor Episode 2
Monday, April 09, 2007

Okay. I'm typing this as I'm watching. I missed blogging about the first episode, but in a nutshell, I was looking forward to this season's Bachelor since Andy is hot.... however the first episode already kinda turned me off. He's still hot, but his personality is lame. He acted like he never saw beautiful women before. The fact that he's a triathlete, navy doctor, etc. well that just seems too good to be true. Let's see if he delivers in this episode.

First group date. Okay, he already made the mistake of saying "operation true love." Oooh, I can't believe he said that. The mechanical bull. I love how all the girls get on it and the machine starts vibrating so their boobs start jiggling. Like I didn't see that coming. Oh dear, that might be too much for Andy to handle. I swear, I've never seen a Bachelor say "wow" and "oh my goodness" so many times.

At this point, I'm starting to think Andy isn't THAT hot. Sure he's got a nice bod, but whenever they do close ups of him.. it's like.. ehhhhh NO. One on one time with Tiffany. I'm kinda glad he picked her because she's shy, but man that was awkward to watch.

Second group date. Tina just asked Andy for alone time and someone said "I think she's a hussy." Why? what's the basis for that statement? Are you just jealous she was smart to ask Andy for alone time? Geez, I swear, it's really annoying watching women on reality shows. How can you be fighting over Andy at this early stage when you don't even know him?

The mini triathlon. I think this is lame Andy is making them do that because how does that get him any time to talk to them? Whatever. Even if it was lame, I thought those two girls who didn't even try are annoying. Now it's Stephanie's turn. This girl is pretty arrogant considering it's only episode 2. Why would you be dumb enough to tell 14 other girls that you're 95% sure you're getting a rose from Andy? Stephanie, you get minus 10 points for that. Showing off your dresses to the other girls to have them "help you" pick out the right one for your date? Minus 25 points. Andy, you get minus 50 points for giving her another rose.

On to the rose ceremony. I'm not really surprised Tiffany went home, or the other girl who got last place in the competition. I am a little surprised that the third girl got picked, but then again, it's too early in the game to say. Alright, I guess I'll stick around and watch the next one.


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Close call
Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Man, I almost had a heart attack just now. I was just sitting here minding my business, when my mom comes in and goes "oh by the way I borrowed one of your books." Okay, my first thought was oh crap did I leave one of my erotic books on the top of the piles? I asked her which one she borrowed, and it ended up being some random non-romance book I've never read. Thank GOD!

That kinda made me think ya know. What if my mom DID really rummage through my things and start reading my books? I mean, I'm not THAT worried about some of my romance collections because a) I know my mom used to read that stuff way back when; and b) she would never even pick up the paranormal vampire ones. What worries me are my recent acquisitions of... well, erotic books. LOL, there I said it. But I like to refer to them as cookbooks. Anyhoo, these cookbooks... omg, if my mom ever saw them, my ass would be grass.

I've never really had any shame reading romance books, but I think I'm feeling guilty about the cookbooks. I think this was a sign, like a warning. The next time I might not get so lucky. So what to do what to do? I know! After I finish reading the cookbooks, I'll just ship them to Holly and she can be the keeper of the cookbooks. =)


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And that's that....
Sunday, April 01, 2007
Just got off the phone with Benny. It's officially over. Let me bring you up to speed for a second. The other night I got home and logged onto myspace. As usual I checked Benny's profile to see if he had any comments from friends about clubbing and partying and such. I looked at his "status" and it said "single." I can't even begin to describe how hurt I was by that. How could he change his status to single when he hasn't spoken to me in over 5 weeks? Well I was basically hurt, humiliated, and saddened by his action. I know I said I wouldn't be the one to reach out to him again, but I could not let him get away with this. Did he just think I was going to see that, and take the hint? So that hopefully he wouldn't have to confront me? No way buster! You better believe that I'm going to have some words with you.

So I sent him a message saying something along the lines of "I'm done with waiting, we need to talk NOW." He called me and I was like "so rumor has it that you're single." He said that it was NOT his intention to put up "single" so that I would see it and think that's how we were ending this. He said "I wanted to see what it looked like." Sooooo I said "Well, it looked pretty shitty from my end of the computer screen." Whatever, that was lame.

The whole conversation I was surprisingly calm, and I told him I didn't want to talk to him so that I could yell or call him names. I'm just glad I was able to say what I wanted to say. I told him what he did was hurtful and disrepectful. I said a lot of other things, and he agreed with everything I said. He said he was sorry for being a jerk, sorry for putting me through all the hurt, etc etc.

In the end, I forgave him. I know I'll get a lot of crap for that from other people, but I truly believe he is sorry, and I'm not the type of person to keep anger inside of me. Forgive, and move on. We also agreed that it was possible for us to be friends (not immediately or anything, but it's not like we're going to completely cut off and block each other on aim, or anything like that). So I feel like this huge weight is lifted off my shoulders.

It's gonna take a long time for the healing process to work on me, but I think I will be fine. I know that I'm an awesome person and I know he's missing out. After five years, it's such a weird feeling. I'm starting over and it's just.... scary. I can only hope that things like this happen for a reason, and I will still be able to get my happy ending.


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