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Thank you all....
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
For the birthday wishes! I couldn't have asked for a greater group of friends. I was honestly very bleh about turning 26, so I wanted things to be low key this year. Surprising, I know, considering how much of a ham I am. Hey, I'll admit it, I'm an attention whore. In the past I've always wanted to make a big production out of my birthday. Not this year.

Friday night I spent the evening dining at Roy's with my parents, my friend Natalie, and my brother Doug and his gf Janice. I was given a special menu that said Happy Birthday Daphne! and my brother brought me flowers (nevermind that that was probably Janice's doing).

Then Saturday I spent the day with Rowena and Holly. We went out to lunch, had margaritas (I only got through half of mine before getting loopy), then went to the naughty toy shop. If you're wondering whether or not I bought anything, shame on you! You know I wouldn't do that *gives innocent look* Let's see...oh yes! Then we went back to Holly's where I passed out and took a four hour nap (not exaggerating). Holly made me meatloaf for dinner at my request (don't laugh, I'm asian, I never get to eat that at home) and we watched 27 dresses before going to bed.
I seriously had an awesome weekend. Yesterday my wonderful boss hosted a happy hour at his favorite "cougar bar" near the office. Bitter Bro couldn't make it, which really bummed me out. So basically it was four girls, plus my boss.. the one tall white dude in the group. I bet anyone looking at our table thought he was big pimpin. Actually, I KNOW that was the case because when he had to go, the two guys on the other end of the table were asking us where "that one dude" went off to and if they could join us. I would've said yes had they not been old and no where near cute. That's basically how I could tell we were in a cougar bar, I swear we were the youngest ones there.

So that about sums up my birthday, again thank you all for your wonderful words and wishes. Mwah!



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Ups and Downs
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Today was like a giant rollercoaster for me. I'll spare you the details behind the mini fires I had to put out for work related problems, but the one DOWN I'd like to share is that I got my exam score back. Keep in mind that I needed a 75 to pass. And of course my score was a 74.

Oy. That's painful. Like someone ripped my heart out... with a dull spoon. For those of you who know the history behind my now four-year battle to pass the CPA, you know that my previous "failing" scores haven't been that painful, mainly because I walked into those tests knowing I was unprepared. This time, the failed score really hurts. Yes, a little more study time might've helped, but that's not the point. The difference is that I truly felt that I was prepared. Failing this time did not make me think "I know I could pass it if I had more time," but rather "Wow, I am dumb. Let's face it, I just really suck at accounting." Really guys, I have nothing left to give. I feel like my motivational spirit has just floated out of my body.

Anyway, let's not talk about that anymore. In other news, I just finished my last day of training staff. I have to say, I love training! It's so fun and gives me the opportunity to teach others. I know it sounds weird, but I actually like presenting in front of the class. Here are a few highlights from the training:

The Business Card
One of our case studies involved me playing the role of a client, while the trainees had to interview me in groups and ask accounting questions. At the end of one of the interviews, a staff thanked me for my time and handed me his "business card," using the back of a Banana Republic advertisement with his own writing on the front. It had his name, and below it "Call me :)" I didn't see it until after the group left, but when I looked down at the card in my hand, it just really made me laugh and brought a big smile to my face. Very cute.

The Pick Up Line
Similar to "The Business Card" described above. My role playing fake name for the case study was Philippa Schaefer. At the end of the interview, one of the staff got up, shook my hand, and said, "So... is there a Mister Schaefer?"

The Night Out
So last night I hung out with a few of the staff from my office, Denver, Honolulu, LA, etc. They wanted to go out drinking with me since it would be my last night of training and also because they knew my birthday was Friday. We met at the lobby of the hotel, where I had my first drink. Walked over to a restaurant nearby and I had two more drinks (not my choice, they kept ordering for me). They brought out a dessert and sang for my birthday, which I thought was super thoughtful of them. By then I was in a super happy Daphne drinking mood. Conversations from that point went like this:

Staff: I just bought a house

Me: Wow, congratulations that's awesome. So who'd you buy a house with? Friends from work? Current roommates?

Staff: Umm, my wife

Me: Oh, yes, that's a logical choice. She would make a good roommate.

Then we all ended the evening by heading back to the hotel, where I finished up my fourth and final drink, along with a few sips of Jack and Coke, which I'd never drank before. If anyone knows me well, you know that that's 3.5 drinks too many. But I survived, and man, that was good times baby.


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OMG I'm a Loser
Monday, June 16, 2008
I just spilled white out on my leg! OMG, who does that? I'm so annoyed. I just got out of the shower, changed to jammies, and rubbed lotion on my legs. Being the loser that I am, I decided to work a little bit, and ten minutes later, ack! White out accident! Ugh, that's what I get for having the cheap-o brush kind, instead of the fancy white out pens. ::Side note:: I remember in junior high you were "cool" if you had the white out pens instead of the bottle. Sad huh? ::End Side note::

So of course by the time I run to the bathroom the white out is 90% dried up. But nooo, I had to make it worse by trying to rub it off, thus spreading it further along my legs. Do you remember that Friends episode when Ross is trying to remove his leather pants, but keeps making it worse by adding lotion, baby powder, etc.? Well, that's me right now. I can't get this stuff off me! Help!



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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Today is Benny's birthday. Wonder if I should send him a text or email or something. Would that be weird considering the last time I talked to him was June 20, 2007... before he was dating someone new? I guess it doesn't have to be weird unless I make it that way.

And speaking of birthdays.. mine is coming up too... June 20. I'm getting so old. Why couldn't time just stop when I was 24? That was a great age. I'm one more year closer to 30. Cripes. I don't even want to do anything this year. Last year I threw myself a pirate party, which was really fun... but too much work. So this year, I am going to do nothing. And you know what? I'm totally fine with that.

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A few updates
Monday, June 02, 2008
Hey all. Just an FYI.. I'm in training all week for work and I have no internet connection all day. So I'll be MIA for a bit in blogland.

In other news... I'm going to DC at the end of June to visit a friend and see Dave Matthews. Pretty excited about that.

And in even more exciting news... I'm going to world youth day 2008 in Sydney Australia! I'm soooo excited because this is a once in a life time opportunity. The event only takes place every 4 years and by then I'll no longer be a "youth." Although, I heard next one is in Madrid, so I'll probably try to pass off as a youth anyway. I just booked my plane ticket, registered and booked lodging.

Then on Sunday after mass I found out from talking to Greek Boy's parents that he is going to WYD as well. Hah, go figure. For once I can plead the 5th and say I had no idea he was going and no, that's not the reason I decided to go.

So we'll see if I even run into him among the hundred thousand attendees. If I do, I swear, it's a sign. =)

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