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Crazy for You by Kate Angell
Friday, March 31, 2006
From the moment she spotted his hamburger-and-french-fry emblazoned boxers with the word supersized on them, Bree knew Sexton St. Croix was trouble. Here was a man with just one thing on his mind, but Sex had hired her to do a job and she'd let nothing get in her way. Not even a sudden insatiable craving for fast food, the hotter the better.

Sexton St. Croix had a big problem. His luxury ocean liner was haunted--by the ghost of an unflappable flapper named Daisy. Now, in an effort to persuade Daisy to "cheese it," he'd opened the ship to a veritable psychic circus. With every type of paranormal phony swarming the decks, he was counting on Bree's "clairsentience" to save his bacon. Her exquisitely sensitive fingers could detect the emotional vibrations of an 80-year-old love triangle and the unsolved murder that had resulted, while her tender touch unlocked secrets in his own heart. Here, at last, was the woman to convince the pleasure-before-promises playboy of the virtues of good, old-fashioned romance.

I was told to read this "boxer shorts" book by my pal Holly. She said the story wasn't that memorable but the boxer phrases were. I can see why she said that. It's not that I'll forget the story, it's pretty "out there" and unique, but it just didn't excite me.

I think the whole Daisy murder mystery threw off my focus on the romance of Sex and Bree. I wouldn't even call what they had a romance... it was pure physical attraction in my mind. The writing was a bit choppy...one moment they're talking on the ship, the next paragraph they're already off the island hiking or something. And the flashback scenes of Daisy's time... they happened so frequently that I felt like I was reading more of a historical wannabe Titanic. The flashbacks didn't do much to keep the story flowing. Having to stop Sex and Bree's story to revisit the past and read all those 1920's phrases and slang really threw me off.

Still, it was a light and fast read for me. Nothing too serious. The boxer phrases were by far the highlight of the book. The problem was that they were funny... but nothing else in the book was funny. So to me, the phrases just seem so random. There was also a secondary romance between Sex's sister Cecelia and his best friend Jackson. Honestly... I liked that story/romance more than Sex and Bree's story. I'm giving this one a 2.5/3 out of 5.

And now the Boxer Phrases:
Design: Brown with tiny hamburgers, french fries, and Cokes
Phrase: Supersized

Design: Pale blue with tiny wide-bed trucks
Phrase: Built Ford Tough

Design: Black with a jack-in-the-box on the butt
Phrase: Pop goes the weasel

Design: Emerald with golf course decorations (clubs and tees)
Phrase: Hole in One

Bree had a funny T-shirt too: Chocolate or Sex? Truffles last longer than sixty seconds.
posted by Daphne @ 9:40 PM  
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