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Match Me if You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Sunday, April 16, 2006

Annabelle is tired of being the lone failure in a family of overachievers. She's endured dead-end jobs and a broken engagement. Even her hair's a mess! But that's going to change now that she's taken over her late grandmother's matchmaking business. All Annabelle has to do is land the Windy City's hottest bachelor as her client, and she'll be the most sought-after matchmaker in town. Nothing is going to stand in her way -- not the drunk lying comatose under her car, not her family's disapproval, and certainly not the lingering effects of a broken heart.
With his money green eyes and calculated charm, Heath Champion is the best sports agent in the country. He's wealthy, driven, and gorgeous, so why does he need a matchmaker, especially a red-haired screw-up like Annabelle Granger? True, she's entertaining, and she does have a certain quirky appeal. But Heath is searching for the ultimate symbol of his success -- the perfect wife. And to make an extraordinary match, he needs an extraordinary matchmaker, right?
Thin, rich, utterly fabulous Portia Powers has spent her career making matches for everyone but herself. Her take-no-prisoners attitude has built Power Matches into the top matchmaking agency in Chicago. So what if she has more enemies than friends and she's one breath away from a nervous breakdown? Neither an upstart like Annabelle Granger nor Heath Champion's menacing, but oddly intriguing, bodyguard, will keep her from getting what she wants -- a Power Match for Heath ... the city's very own Jerry Maguire.
Soon everyone in Chicago has a stake in the outcome, right down to Annabelle's overprotective book club. When the matchmaker promises she'll do anything to keep her star client happy ... does she mean anything? If Annabelle isn't careful, she just might find herself going heart-to-heart with the toughest negotiator in town -- a man who's beginning to ask himself: Exactly how perfect does perfect have to be?

This is an overdue blog, so I can't remember too many details. But for the most part I enjoyed this book. It's not as great as some of SEP's other works (i.e Nobody's Baby But Mine, This Heart of Mine)... but it was a cute read.

The story seemed a bit unrealistic and predictable to me, but I still love how SEP is able to tell a story, in a way that makes you feel like you're watching the scenes play out. There were a couple of things I didn't like about the story:

1. The side-romance with Portia and Heath's bodyguard. Their whole affair just seemed too creepy for me. It was just downright dirty sex. Hmm, no thanks.

2. Heath not sticking up for Annabelle in front of her family. I've had back and forth debates about this one, and even though Heath didn't have a family and thought it was great Annabelle had one, he failed to see how upset she was. That's a big no no in my book.

3. Phoebe Calebow: since when did she become such a b!tch?? In her first book, It had to be You, Phoebe seemed so sweet. A little spoiled, yes, but still nice. SEP just turned her into a serious businesswoman with no feelings in this book. I did not like that.

It was very predictable that Heath would eventually realize that his idea of a perfect woman just did not exist, and that his true mate was Annabelle. But even so, I enjoyed reading how he finally came to realize this. I'd give this one a 3.5 out of 5.
posted by Daphne @ 9:44 PM  
  • At 10:00 AM, Blogger Dylan said…

    Still haven't read this book but I'm sure I will, sooner or later...

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