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Beauty and the Geek Episodes 4 & 5
Saturday, February 03, 2007

Episode 4: Girls' challenge was to study electronics. They used metal detectors to find a chest containing a walkie talkie. After contacting their partner to get the combination of a lock, they then had to cross the lake in a kayak to the finish line. I really thought Megan would win since she found the walkie talkie first, but apparently she didn't know how to use it. I was very bummed that Nadia didn't win, and Cecille won. Guys' challenge was to create a workout routine on the beach. I really wanted Mario to win but I wasn't bummed that Scooter won, he actually did a great job too.

I wasn't surprised that Cecille sent Jennylee and Neils to the elimination room. If it weren't for Nate, I would want Cecille out of there. After she got drunk and said those mean things about Neils, I am glad the other girls saw that side of her. In the end, Drew and Erin got sent home, which was fine by me, since they never won any challenges.

Episode 5: Girls' challenge was to build a dog house, which I thought was rather difficult. I'm really glad Megan won that, because she hasn't won any challenges before. The guys had to use the dogs and walk around Santa Monica to get as many phone numbers as they could. I really hate that type of challenge, because it just seems like the girls always get frustrated with the guys. I don't see how that challenge even helps the guys learn anything. I wish the show would stop doing that challenge every season, it's really getting old. Anyway, I'm really bummed Mario and Nadia left, because I don't like Neils and Jennylee as a team. He never listens to Jennylee, and it seems like she's still pissed off at him for sending Nate to the elimination room in episode 3.

The big event of the episode was Nate and Jennylee's romance. It's kinda funny how this is the second season that a romance blossomed between a geek and a beauty. I knew this would happen the minute I saw Nate, because I just knew that after his transformation, he would be the best looking. Plus he's got the best personality, IMO. It was very cute to watch him act all shy around JL and I'm glad he had the guts to kiss her.

Only 3 couples left, and I'm routing for Megan and Scooter. Why? Because as much as I like Nate, I can't stand Cecille, and watching JL and Neils just frustrates me.
posted by Daphne @ 8:29 PM  
  • At 4:16 PM, Blogger Chantal said…

    hehe, I like this show!

  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger Dylan aka Rowena said…

    Gosh, I'm sorta kinda crushing on Nate..share him with me, kay? LOL. I'm gonna watch it tonight, in between my Friday Night Lights.

  • At 1:54 PM, Blogger Charm School Reject said…

    I love Beauty and the Geek. Mario and Nadia are [were] my fave. I hate Cece with EVERYTHING in me and I hope she doesn't win. Like Scooter said last night, Cece is everything that the show is not.

    I love nate.

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