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House is too crowded!
Sunday, May 13, 2007
So my mom had some friends over this past week, from the mother country and from other parts of California. They went on a mini cruise this weekend, which I think is pretty cool. It's nice to know that my mom has kept in touch with these friends, whom she's known since elementary school. Kinda makes me think, man I wish my friends stay in touch like that when we get older.

Now when she first told me about this cruise, I thought "Oh, cool." But what she failed to mention, was that these four women would be staying at our house for a few nights until they leave for the cruise. Woa, slow down there. Mom, do you realize how small our house is? It's not even a two-story house, we don't have any guest bedrooms, and you're offering to let four additional bodies stay with us? Where the heck am I supposed to sleep?! And where is Dad sleeping?!

My poor dad ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room. I pretty much only had one choice in the house... an aerobed in the living room. I said, "heck no, I'm staying at my coworker's house." So for two nights I crashed at my friend/coworker's house. I know this sounds kinda selfish of me, but geez louise, couldn't these people just have booked a hotel room nearby that had two beds? I mean, I know it costs a lot to fly here from another country, but if you're taking a vacation anyway, you might as well pay just a little more for two nights in a hotel room. There were four of them, so they could've split the cost among themselves.

Thank goodness I wasn't around either during the week. My brother told me it was liking living in a chicken coupe, with all these hens "buck buck buckawing" all day. LOL! Not to mention the day they left for the cruise, of course they were all packing at the last minute, and according to my brother, it was a zoo in the house.

Again, I know I'm probably being a brat for saying all this. I've seen those documentaries where 12 children in (insert third world country) are living in one room, with no windows or ventilation. So yes, I do have it way better than that, and I realize I am fortunate compared to that. But if you take that out of the equation, this whole guest living situation is really annoying. Why can't my parents just say no? I mean, I'm all for being hospitable and welcoming of visitors in our home. But I feel like there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. Our house simply cannot accomodate that many people without there being some tension and madness.


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