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st. patricks day
Monday, March 19, 2007
i don't even know where to begin with this one. for the last two years i've celebrated SPD with my coworkers while out of town on assignment. we go to the yardhouse every year and enjoy green beer, corned beef, and shepard's pie. this year i was a bit disappointed that SPD fell on a saturday. since we go back home every friday afternoon, we decided to celebrate thursday night at the usual yardhouse. i opened the menu, craving the taste of corned beef, cabbage, and carrots... and lo and behold, there is the special green SPD menu! ah hah, not so fast daphne. the menu is set for friday and saturday only. well darn, how dare they tease me like that by putting the green menu in there. well, i decided to make the best out of it and order something else.

now most ppl don't know this about me, but i am a light weight. now, now i know what you're thinking and believe me, you have to witness it to believe it. i can't finish ONE drink. yes, one. i get about halfway done, and the rest remains either diluted with melted ice cubes or finished off by someone else. well i ordered a mojito, and halfway done, i was ready to pass out. my coworker called our old manager and apparently i left a wacky message. the next morning he emailed me saying "looks like someone had half a beer last night at the yardhouse." ah good times, he knows me too well.

fast forward to saturday. so my girlfriends wanted to get all dressed up and have drinks (in my case, one) at the Ritz, then go salsa dancing around 9:30. as usual, i ordered my ONE drink, and about halfway there i started to get flushed and my heart was beating fast. i pretty much got sleepy by the time we left. if it were up to me i woulda gone back to my girlfriend's apt and just crashed. unfortunately, we had to make a little side trip before going back to her apt.... to the ER.

one of the girls apparently never drank that much before (she had like.. ONE drink just like me) and she went to the restroom by herself. well about 10 minutes later she came out with this big cut right below her bottom lip. she bit herself, and it was deep. i didn't really get a good look, but apparently it was so deep you could practically see her gums (sorry to get so graphic). i'm thinking, good grief, how would anyone bite themselves so hard? my guess is that she passed out and hit her head on the sink or something, causing her to bite her own lip. it was bleeding. bad. we drove to the ER and she got stitches, both inside and outside. and then there i was, in the waiting room just passed out. i felt so bad that my friends had to take care of me and our plans to go salsa dancing went down the drain. our friend came out and thank God she was okay. we drove to my friend's apt where they put me in pjs and i pretty much fell asleep instantly.

the next morning my friend with the stitches seemed ok, she's on a liquid diet for now. i'm just grateful that i have such awesome friends who didn't once complain that the evening didn't go as planned. this experience makes me so grateful for them, and it's probably gonna make me avoid drinking for a long time.

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posted by Daphne @ 9:21 PM  
  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger Dylan said…

    We're having Break the Fast on Sunday and the theme is St. Patrick's Day Celebration, so we're having corn beef and cabbage and carrot thing with steamed potatoes or whatever, so I'll be thinking of you when we eat it. LOL.

    I'm sorry you didn't get to go salsa dancing, it sounds like it would have been fun, but I'm glad your friend is okay. Ouch!

    As for you, light weight....haha.

  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Charm School Reject said…

    I'm a total lightweight too but I can *usually* manage two before I get retarded.

    My SPD dinner was on the Friday before but it was at a new place so it was disgusting!! On Saturday when I went to the store to buy corned beef to make myself, they only had thirty pound ones. So no corned beef and cabbage for me this year.

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