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Vegas Trip revisited... #11
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On last week's Thursday Thirteen I had mentioned on point #11 that I wanted to avoid getting annoyed with my brother (let's just call him Doug). In Vegas I actually wasn't annoyed with him per say, more like... annoyed with him and his gf together, as a couple. Let me explain...

A little background: so Doug had one girlfriend prior to this current one. They went out for about 5 years and my parents loved her. She was polite, never PDA with my brother, knew how to respect my parents while she was over at the house. They ended up breaking up and it was awhile before Doug started dating again. He and his current gf, Janice, have been dating for about six months. If you ask me, it's going way too fast. Remember when I was going through my breakup with Benny, and Doug wasn't even there for me? Yah, it's because he was so in luuuurve with his new gf that he pretty much blew me off. Ugh. Now they live together. Whatever.

Anyway, going back to Vegas. Man, these two are so PDA that it makes me sick. Not just holding hands all the time. I'm talking about her constant petting, smooching, clinging, etc. Yuck. So we go to the pool this weekend and we're having ourselves a good ole time. We start heading back to the car so everyone could go back and change in their hotel room. As we're walking to the parking structure, I notice that she put a white see-through tank top over her black bikini (hmm) and on her feet.... high heels. Like straight up hooker high heels. Uh huuhhhhh. Okay seriously, who does that? Tell me please, because I need to know if I'm the only one thinking that that is just TRASHY. She's not exactly a model either. I'm not trying to be offensive to anyone else who might be reading this, but there's no other way to describe what I was thinking in my head except for "omg, it's like looking at miss piggy from the back and seeing her in a bikini and high heels." Yes, I said it. I know that was mean, but come on now. The rest of us were in flip flops, cuz ya know... that's what you wear when you get out of the swimming pool. You don't put on high heels.

Moving along.... we get to the hotel room where Doug, Janice, and some other cousins/friends were staying. I wasn't staying at this hotel but went along anyway to have lunch with them. Second disgusting thing: their hotel room was a smoking room. Okay, I know it's Vegas and it smells like smoke all over the casinos but dude, can we at least have the room you're sleeping in smell somewhat fresh and clean? I swear Doug was almost on a full recovery to quit smoking, then once he got with Janice, he started smoking like a chimney. Ugh. So one by one each person takes their turn using the shower while the rest of us are watching tv. Janice went next and I keep talking to my cousins and watching tv. Then all of a sudden I look around the room and do a mental headcount. Someone is missing. I ask "Hey where did Doug go?" and nobody said anything. Suddenly I hear giggling from the bathroom shower.... Oh HELL no you did not just go in there with her! That's just NASTY and WRONG. I swear I was so disgusted by it I wanted to barf. Is my brother on crack? I'm your freakin sister and I'm in the same room along with your cousins and friends, and you jump in the shower with her? Double ugh. I get so pissed off every time I think about it. I'm telling you, who does that? Who?!

I love my brother, but sometimes I just want to smack him upside the head.

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posted by Daphne @ 6:49 PM  
  • At 9:36 PM, Blogger Isabel said…

    I couldn't tell you who wear heels with a swim suit. Maybe those uber rich people but everyday folk like us... nope. Give me flip flops.

    As for the shower thing....ew.

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