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Feeling Guilty
Friday, May 09, 2008
Today is my dad's birthday, and it's mother's day weekend. But right now I'm totally annoyed with both of them. Horrible, I know.

Let's start with dad. Okay I've been on "vacation" all week, but I'm not really out of town. This week was supposed to be my study week, but I ended up working all day Monday/Tuesday and a little Wednesday morning. Wednesday I was pretty tired mid afternoon so I took a nap. Dad comes home at 5, sees that I'm asleep and goes "Oh you're on vacation? Why aren't you studying? When's your test again?"

Oh you did not just say that to me. What, you think that I've been bumming around all day sleeping? I'll have you know that at 7:30am I was already studying, watching 4 hour lecture videos about pensions and leases and other boring crap. You think I LIKE having to use my vacation time to study? Why would I waste my vacation time like that and then not do anything all day.

Then there's mom. So she and dad decided to take today off so they could hang out in LA for dad's birthday. Mom asks if I want to go. No thanks, I need to study, and besides, I wasn't aware of these plans. I know we're supposed to do dinner for dad's birthday, but that's it. And she proceeds to give me that "oh okay" look (but inside she's all upset that I'm not going). Hello! Would you have been upset if I was at work like a normal work Friday? I don't think so. Geez. Then she asks if I can coordinate dinner plans with my brother and his gf. I ask her if she and dad have ideas. She says the restaurants in the shopping area they are at in LA. I said okay so we'll meet you there for dinner then? She says no, they'll go home first by midafternoon.

I told her that seemed kind of a hassle to drive down then back up to LA again. So she said fine we'll just eat around our neighborhood. Okay fine by me. I relay the message to brother and gf. Dinner 7:30 not LA. Mom and dad get home in the afternoon and ask what the plan for dinner is. I said, well pick a place, I have no preference, what does dad want? Now here's typical mom response: Well whatever you kids want. Okay fine then, I'm picking Bucca Di Beppo. Mom: Oh but isn't that in Orange County? Me: Yah so? Mom: I thought you didn't want to drive far that's why you rejected my idea of dinner in LA. Me: No, I just didn't think it made sense for you to come home when we could've driven up there to meet you for dinner. Mom: Oh well, ummm Bucca? How about Woodranch? Me: Okay fine.

Then I take her to the eyebrow lady because she wants to try threading. The lady threads her eyebrows and hands her the mirror afterwards. Mom looks at it, doesn't say anything, and I pay, we leave. In the car...

Mom: So how come she didn't remove some of the hair here so it would be shaped more like this?

Me: Well if you wanted it shaped that way why didn't you say something?

Mom: Well I don't know what shape I want, I just want it to look good.

Me: Well why are you complaining about it now when we already left?

Mom: I dunno. I just assumed it's fine since you didn't say it looked bad.

Me: Yah but mom if you know what you want, just say it. That's why we pay them to do it. Like cutting your hair. You can't just say "make it look good" then complain later when she didn't layer it like you wanted.

I swear I hate her passive aggressive crap. It's like I make a decision and without having to explicity reject it, she implies that she doesn't agree with my idea. I know her game now. She says one thing, and basically she's not asking "well what do you want?" She's really saying "I need your confirmation that you agree with my idea."

Okay that's all. I'm done venting.

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posted by Daphne @ 5:57 PM  
  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger Holly said…

    You poor baby! Passive-Aggressive people drive me insane. Just say what you want to say, will you? Sheesh.


    You know I love you. Are you sure you don't want to blow off that Bday party on the 14th and come with me instead?

  • At 8:41 PM, Blogger Daphne said…

    Thanks babycakes. Even though I had to get it off my chest, I do still feel kinda bad. Until I'm a parent myself I guess it's hard for me to understand.

    Oh but get this, after dinner last night, when I mentioned going to DC in June, she suggested I visit her friend's son (that stalker dude from when we first met Holly) and I said are you freaking joking me? Drop it. He's a stalker who hit on me when I had a boyfriend at the time. I don't want to talk about him. Did mother listen? No, she kept pushing, suggesting I "give him a chance." I swear I was so furious.

  • At 8:50 AM, Blogger nath said…

    hey Daphne!

    so how was it? i totally understand why you'd feel angry and annoyed at both of them. My dad always does the same... I don't get why they're just assuming things.

    As for your mom, it sucks... but they're our parents, so what can we do? :P

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