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Gotta learn the shim sham!
Thursday, December 28, 2006

So I've been learning the Lindy Hop for the past few months. I've had a total of about 12 hours worth of lessons, and I'm actually pretty good at it (with the right partner of course). The place I take lessons at and go for social dancing is pretty cool. A lot of regulars show up for the dancing Monday and Friday nights, some dressed up in neat 40's and 50's styles.

One of the regular routines performed is the Shim Sham. It's pretty much the "electric slide" of Lindy Hop. When I first saw the regulars perform the routine, I felt like I was in a musical. I thought "how did they all know the steps to perform together?" It wasn't until later that I found out it's a standard routine that you can pick up and learn with enough visits.

Since then I've been searching the web for videos on how to do the shim sham. Most videos show similar steps, with some variations. My problem though, is that the particular song they play at the dance studio I go to is nowhere to be found! How can I practice the shim sham if I don't have the song file? I did find one video on youtube that had the song, but the routine is a bit different. I desperately want to find the original song (i.e. mp3). If you can find it, I will love you forever and ever.


posted by Daphne @ 4:04 PM   4 comments
Sad news about monkey
Monday, December 18, 2006
Monkey is my brother's pet rabbit. He's had him for over 6 years now, and has always lived in a cage in my brother's room. Ever since my brother moved back home, he's been a poor pet owner. I love my brother but there are times I wish he were more responsible. There have been times I've seen Monkey's dish empty and when I refilled it, he would be frantically pacing the cage as if he were starving. I'm not a huge animal person (meaning I'm scared to touch them) but I still care about the little guy. I think Monkey is the cutest rabbit ever, and I always hate to see him starving or lonely.

Around September, my brother moved Monkey to the garage so he could clean his room for a party at the house. It's December now and he never moved him back in his room. I kept telling him that Monkey was probably freezing to death and it's so dark, lonely, and scary in the garage. Monkey has lived his whole life indoors in my brother's room, so it just boggles my mind that he could leave him in the garage for that long. My parents would remind my brother on several occassions to feed Monkey and my brother would just get annoyed that they were nagging him. I now understand why they would remind him, because Monkey is the skinniest rabbit I've ever seen.

Well my parents came home tonight and informed me that they checked the garage, and Monkey is dead. I never realized how much I do care about animals, because I literally cried. He wasn't even my pet, and yet knowing that he died in our garage just really upsets me. I'm not placing the entire blame on my brother, but I am mad that he never moved him back in his room and he had to die that way - neglected, starving, surrounded by the darkness and the cold. I can't bear to look at the dead body, I'm having flashbacks of when I had to bury my guinea pig in the backyard when I was a child. It's a horrible feeling.

My parents are also not very big animal lovers, but they seem very upset over this. They haven't explicitly told me, but I know that they are disappointed in the lack of responsibility on my brother's part. I asked my mom if she told him the news and she said yes but she didn't think he'd be rushing home anytime soon. That really upsets me.

Benny's been saying that if we ever get married he wants a dog. While a part of me wants to (I never grew up with a dog) I don't know if I could handle the loss. I can now sympathize with pet owners. and my heart goes out to all of you.
posted by Daphne @ 10:52 PM   3 comments
That darn trivia game
Wednesday, December 06, 2006
I hate it when people get so huffy online over a game. I'm not even talking about real games that require coordination or team speak over the mic. I'm referring to a trivia game played on discussion forums. When I was a book forum newbie, I remember some people were either nice and patient with me or just straight up rude. One particular incident comes to mind, back in the fall of 2005...

I was new to a particular forum and the ladies were all discussing a certain book of the month. Having just finished the book I decided hey why not join. One of the threads was a trivia game, where each person asks a question specific to the story line (i.e. how old did John Smith say he was? how many days did John and Jane travel in the jungle? etc etc). Sounds like fun right? So Daphne decides to roll up her sleeves and think of a good question from the story. She hits "add message" and waits for the responses.

Ta da! My first response. If I remember correctly it went something along the lines of "wait which part in the book was that? you're jumping around, you're not supposed to do that, we're only on page 25." Okaaaay, am I missing something here? We're supposed to go in ORDER? I clicked back through the history of posts and yup, sure enough, each question was in order from page 1 of the book and so forth. Am I the only one that thinks that is lame-o!? What is the point in asking me a trivia question when I know the answer can be found in the next paragraph or page? Whatever. I don't really care, but whenever I think about that incident I think about how rude some women can be. It's a game for cryin out loud, and it's not a very good game to begin with.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but seriously, I'm still scratching my head over this one. That's not really a trivia game, it's more like... let's recite the whole book page by page. I don't know about you, but I think it's lame.
posted by Daphne @ 12:42 PM   5 comments
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