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Birthday Blessings
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Well today was my 25th birthday. Honestly, for the last few days I've been having mixed emotions about this day. Sometimes I was excited, loving my freedom, my youngness, my successes. Other times I was depressed about getting older, being without a man, and not being as successful as my other friends. I've been a pain in the ass with some of my friends, for being so wishy washy in the last few days, for which I truly apologize for. So I'm really happy to report that today, my actual birthday, was a fabulous day.

This is the first year since I've started work that I didn't book vacation on my birthday week. Last year I was in Georgia and the year before that in the Philippines. For whatever reason I just didn't feel like booking anything at this time. Luckily, I wasn't really working today; instead I ended up in training at the Westin Hotel. I was a little antsy that we had no internet access all day, but at the same time, it felt pretty dang good to not have that distraction. No emails about work, no IMs from managers, nothing. Just me sitting there learning and enjoying the training. Now normally my trainings happen in one of our firm offices. Since this was at the Westin hotel, we got hooked up with some good food. I swear, all I did today was eat. Ate all day in training, and had a big fatty dinner with my parents/brother.

I'll have to put up another post about my other birthday celebration that took place on Saturday. It was a pirate themed BBQ, with pretty much all of my friends and cousins. I got some awesome presents this year, including bookstore gift cards, a Nintendo DS (hehe, yes I'm still a kid in some ways), Goo Goo Dolls concert tickets, panty/bra set (haha, don't ask), and other cute girly things I normally don't buy for myself.

I think the best part about my birthday this year, was the warm birthday greetings I got. Just to have a lot of my friends show up at the BBQ meant a lot to me, since this month is crazy busy with graduations, etc. Even Rob came to the BBQ, and a friend of mine came at 4, left for work, and came back after work around 10pm. Then there were all the emails/texts/phone calls I received. Seriously, I'm not pointing all of this out to be a show off. It's just that, not having Benny around this year was making me sad. To see that I'm really not alone and that all of my friends/family care about me just means so much to me. More than most of them will know.

So to all of you (you know who you are): thank you, thank you, thank you. You give me reason to believe that when God closes a door, he'll open a window; that family and friendship are invaluable; and that I am truly blessed.


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Chronicles of a Crush: Reality Sinks In
Friday, June 15, 2007

So yesterday I was asking my coworker, Mitch, why he hasn't responded to my birthday evite. I don't think I've ever talked about Mitch. He lives in the same house where I went to open mic and first met Rob. The day we went to Disneyland, Mitch did me a huge favor by dropping off the parking pass at Rob's house, so Rob wouldn't have to pay for parking. Mitch is a totally awesome guy, he's funny and everyone in the office loves him.

So I bought him a super delicious cookie yesterday, as a thank you for doing me that favor. I said "Hey so are you coming to my party?" He said "I can't make it Saturday night, sorry I have this church thing at 8pm." Clearly he didn't read the evite carefully, otherwise he would've known it started at 4pm. I said he could totally stop by, and Rob was going to be there, so maybe they could carpool.

So now that that was settled, the rest of our conversation went like this....

Me: "So what's this church thing you're going to?"

Mitch: "Well, don't laugh okay, but I was assigned leader of this dating committee and I've put together a list (**shows me list of guys and girls columns**) to pair people up for a date on Sat. night."

Me: "Oohh, that's interesting. I wonder if Rob is on this list."

Mitch: **snatches list from my hand** "Uhhh you can't look at that, it's confidential."

Me: "Mitch. He's on the list isn't he?"

Mitch: "I'm not saying anything."

Me: "Dude, it's fine. We're just friends and I'm glad he's meeting new LDS gals."

Mitch: "Suuuuure. Friends. Uh huh."

Seriously, at this point, I really wasn't upset at all. I already knew this was going to happen, and I bet Rob's been on a bunch of dates in between "hanging out" with me.

Me: "So, how does this work, do these people just find out who their date is and then plan an activity?"

Mitch: "No, we organize the event. This Saturday we're going to a drive-in movie."

Me: "Uhhh huh. Drive-in eh?"

So well, I'm gonna be totally honest. This is the part where I did get a tad jealous/upset. *sigh* So he's gonna go to my bday party, then that same night go to a drive-in movie where it's dark, cozy, oh and did I mention dark? Yah. So this is basically reality hitting me in the face. Yes, we've all known it was going to come to this. I really want to be friends with him, which is why I'm so upset with myself.... for reacting like this, for not being able to shake off these feelings. *double sigh* Someone please tell me to get over this. Now.


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Profile, Picture, and Peer Pressure Oh My
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So this morning I'm minding my own business, checking emails and chatting with Isabel and Dylan. Isabel asks if I had changed my facebook profile pic, from just my face to the picture of me and mah crush Rob. Why would I change it you ask? Well, about two weeks ago, Benny the ex sent me a friend request on facebook. I pretty much rolled my eyes when I saw he opened an account, because I've had one since college, and he's always refused to make an account. Well I guess Benny needs to make new friends huh?

So I accepted the friend request, skipping the "How do you know this person?" portion.....because there was no way I was going to check the "we dated" box. Yah, talk about awkward. So now he's my "facebook friend." Of course Isabel, the scheming one, suggests that I put up the picture of me and Rob. After all, it's not MY fault if Benny happens to check my profile picture and see me with a guy friend. *evil grin*

I hesitated at first, only because I have a couple of coworkers on my friend list, who happen to know Rob. I don't want them thinking I'm obsessed and then go tell Rob. "You weinie," Isabel says. Oh well, fine. Talk about peer pressure. I decide to upload the picture, and as soon as I refresh my profile, I feel guilty. I thought "if it was the other way around, I don't think I'd wanna see a picture of Benny with his arm around some girl."

I decide to browse through my picture folder and upload another picture, because dammit, I just felt too guilty. Okay, no problem, just change the picture back and no one will ever know. I'm about to select a picture of me and a cousin, when ding! I get an IM from my old college buddy Wally:

W: What's the alias of the guy in the pic?

Me: Eh? OMG are you on facebook right now?

W: Yes. hahahaha

What the heck man, I had that picture up for less than a minute, and already people notice. I start explaining to him that the guy is Rob, blah blah blah.. then ding! OMG, another ping from my girl Natalie:

N: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Cutie cutie cutie. Why didn't you put up the other picture of you and Rob and Disneyland?

Seriously people. You can't even give me 2 minutes to change my profile back and forth? So there, it's done. Picture is up. "Wait a minute," I realize. "Isabel and Dylan don't even have a facebook, so why the heck did I even do this? They wouldn't even know if I changed it." Snap, I just got owned by those two b!tches (hehe love you gals). Wow, talk about peer pressure. See how easily I give in to these girls.

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Church Crush Chronicles 2
Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm getting closer to unraveling the mystery of Charlie's age. So my brother was convinced that he couldn't be any older than 19 (based on his preppy dress attire), while I've been arguing that he's probably around my age. We were arguing about this at dinner the other night when my mom finally asked who we were talking about. I said "Oh you know, the son of so and so from church. Bro thinks he's only 18/19 while I think he looks older."

Mom: "You mean Charlie? Yah he's definitely older than 18. He went to the Franciscan University, then he left to join the seminary for a year, but that didn't work out either so now he's here with his family and I think he's finishing school."

Me: "Sooooo, you don't know his exact age?"

Mom: "No, but he's probably around your age."

Okay, well any information is better than none. So here's what we've revealed: 1) I'm not a Mrs. Robinson for having a crush on him, thus leading to 2) A glimmer of hope for me to actually have a chance with him 3) He went to Steubenville and tried joining the seminary.

Now let's expand a bit on number 3. This one kind of worries me. When I think of Steubenville, I think of majorly goodie goodie Catholic people, the kind who end up being priests/nuns. Well I guess the stereotype is sorta true, Charlie did try joining the seminary. Don't get me wrong... I said I wanted to find a good solid Catholic man. But I didn't mean like... on the verge of priesthood! LOL What is up with me and being attracted to majorly religious guys? I guess I love that these guys are just good people with solid values/morals, etc. But let's face it, I'm not perfect, and these kinds of guys make me feel like a total sinner with my romance novel reading ways. So I guess I'm looking for someone in the middle of that scale. I'll just have to get to know Charlie more to see what he's like.

At least with Charlie, the key word is that he "was" in the seminary. He's not anymore. Oh, you better believe I'm gonna get workin on this project now that I know it's possible. My next goal: introduce myself to him.


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Moving out!
Sunday, June 10, 2007
No, not me silly. I'm not moving out for awhile. I'm talking about my friend Holly. She finally decided to consolidate her things with her fiance, MM, and I was one of the lucky (or not so lucky? hehe love you Holly) people to help her move into his place. After a 2.5 hour drive with Dylan, we changed our plans to head to Holly's house, and (surprise, surprise) went straight to Borders to meet up with Holly. I was so pissed I forgot my Borders coupon, and didn't want to buy anything at full price, but oh well. Who am I kidding anyway? Do I ever walk out of there empty-handed? Hardly. I ended up getting Virgin River by Robyn Carr, which will be a first time read of this author.

I finally got to see Holly's engagement ring, and it is gorgeous! Props to MM for selecting such a gorgeous rock. Anyway, we then headed over to the Yardhouse for some grub, and I swear I felt so old being there. I mean, there were a lot of adults there, but man, I'm so over that whole "acting like a drunk idiot while I'm trying to hit on people in public" scene. I watched a women totally piss drunk make a complete fool of herself by trying to get this guy's attention by dancing all crazy next to the table. Geez.

We crashed at MM's house, and the next morning Dylan and I woke up wondering where Holly was. Apparently she left uber early to get the UHaul truck and was already at her place. We left with MM and arrived at Holly's place, where Isabel and her hubby were already helping out. The move itself was tiring, but I ain't complaining because man, the guys had to pretty much everything heavy. Just MM and Izzy's hubby Joey. No other guys. I felt bad for them, but seriously, if I were buff I'd have carried more heavy things. Alas, I am only 4'11" and I can't lift anything to save my life. The craziest part of moving for me was cleaning out Holly's daughter's room. Man, underneath her bed was a disaster area! I've never seen so much dirty laundry/miscellaneous toys/feathers/toys/etc. under a single bed in my life. I should've taken before and after pics, because it's one of those "you have to see it to believe it" kinda things.

The best part of the move was when we finally made the trip back to MM's house, and the book boxes (approx. 4 or 5 of them?) were brought down. Oh man, immediately Dylan, Izzy and I tore open those boxes and pretty much rummaged through all of Holly's books. Let me tell you, she is NOT lying about the size of her book collection. We filled up 3 bookcases with books, and that's putting two rows of books on each shelf. I coulda been swimming in those books if you poured them all on the floor. Like Duck Tales Uncle Scrooge styles, when he jumps in his pile of gold. Yah, like that. I ended up borrowing some books from her, but Dylan takes the cake. This girl ended up loading an entire trash bag of books back in my car this morning.

Meanwhile the boys are slaving away, making trips from the UHaul and then replacing the empty truck with the furniture MM was giving up. Haha, oh man I felt bad, but seriously it was hilarious. They are such good sports. When you first step in MM's house, you can definitely tell it's a bachelor's pad. Random objects are plastered on the walls, there's beer in the fridge, and a DVD collection next to the couch (I'm sure Holly has/will blog about these). Izzy and Holly had a scheme to take down MM's beloved Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville sign and his Captain Morgan banner. As soon as I saw what they were up to, I turned to Dylan and said "Oh no, I don't want any part of that, I don't want to be around when MM finds out." Sure enough, MM noticed the missing Jimmy Buffet sign and said "WTF!! Where's my sign?" LOL Dylan and I were cracking up so hard and she thankfully pointed out that the two of us were innocent. (Thanks Dylan for getting my back on that one)

We ended the evening by barbequing and just hanging out in MM's living room. We were so exhausted but I'm so glad that it was such a chill evening. I like hanging out like that, just relaxing, talking, laughing with good friends. I'm sooooo glad I made the trip there this weekend. Yes, moving is a pain in the fanny, but that's why I'm glad we went. I can't imagine Holly having to go through that by herself. So I'm glad we were able to help out, even though the boys pretty much did the real heavy work. I'm so blessed to have such friends, and I would do it all over again. Only regret is that we didn't take pictures.

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I'm a hypocrite today...
Wednesday, June 06, 2007
I am being a major hypocrite today. Here's why...

A week or two ago, I randomly received a message from my boss, asking if I wanted to go to the baseball game that night. Being that it was already 4pm, I figured someone bailed at the last minute, and he was trying to find a replacement. I had reservations about going, only because I was actually going to a baseball game the following evening. Two days in a row seems like I'm taking too much time off work. So the first thing I replied was "Well, who else is going?" My boss replied, "Ohhhh you're one of THOSE people. Isn't it good enough that I am going and I invited you?" I know he was joking around, but today I realize why he made that comment...

I'm throwing a BBQ for my birthday next weekend. I sent out an evite on Monday (4 days ago) and so far I have several responses, about a 2 to 1 ratio of yes vs. no. I didn't realize when you send out an evite you can actually see when the invitees open it. So here I am browsing through the list of "hasn't responded" and sure enough... almost everyone opened the invitation already. So here I am thinking "Well if they opened it, why haven't they responded yet?" Most of the invitees are my coworkers, some sitting next to me at this very moment. I turn to the girl next to me just now saying "Hey did you get my evite? Even if you can't go or don't know, can you please respond soon?" She said "I dunno yet. I wanna see who is going first."

Ah hah! There it is, the infamous phrase/question. I admit, I felt a tad annoyed by that. I shouldn't be, which is why I feel like such a hypocrite. I did give everyone until next Thursday to reply, so what's my problem? I dunno. I just think it's interesting that people do this. I do it, you probably do too. Why? Who knows. Maybe we're afraid to show up to social gatherings and not know anyone else? Maybe we just all procrastinate and don't want to give a final answer until the last minute? Or maybe no one really wants to come to my BBQ, hah!


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Disneyland with Rob!
Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's the morning after my Disneyland day where I got to spend time with Rob (see previous Chronicles of a Crush posts). Let me just tell you, I am ALL smiles!

Let me start with the bad news... I only had a small window of opportunity with him. He had to leave by 5:30pm, and he arrived later than planned (supposed to be 1pm, but ended up being 2pm). So that only gave me 3 hours to spend time with him. The other bad news... I only got 2 pictures with him. One of them turned out really shadowy, so technically, I only have 1 good picture of the two of us.

Anyway, I met him in the front of the gate. He gave me a big hug and greeted me with his usual cute smile. We made our way in the park, and immediately my cell phone starts ringing. A lot of my coworkers knew Rob was coming, so they wanted to meet him. It's just a little too hard to coordinate that though, since everyone was in different places of the park. Well, I happened to run into my staff Joe and his fiance, who just arrived and were heading to the picnic area. So Rob and I joined them. We had lunch together and Joe's fiance kept saying "I've heard so much about you, Joe talks about you all the time, he says you're his favorite senior." Remind me to thank her later for making me look good in front of Rob, who kept teasing me saying "wow look at you, everyone loves working with you." We got free dessert, which Rob was all excited about. He pointed to the frozen banana (which is dipped in chocolate and covered with nuts) and said "what is that? is there banana inside of that?" Me: "Umm.. that IS a banana." Rob: "Ohhh, how do you know?" Me: "Because it says frozen banana on the wrapper." He couldn't make up his mind between the banana and the Mickey ice cream bar. When the worker said he could grab as many as he wanted, Rob's eyes lit up like a boy on Christmas morning. It was so cute.

The four of us then headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean, since I had already made up my mind that that was a MUST ride with Rob. Joe and his fiance sat in the first row of the boat and Rob and I sat in the second row. Thank goodness we got the whole row to ourselves. Anyway, as soon as I sat down, he immediately sat next to me (on my left) and put his right arm around me. Wow, okay I was not expecting this. I thought I'd be lucky to even get to touch his arm that whole day. So he had his arm around me the WHOLE ride, and during the dark parts, he would lightly squeeze me and bring me closer to him. After that ride we got churros and I introduced Rob to my aunt, uncle, and their four kiddies who were nearby.

After the ride we only had about an hour left before Rob had to head out, so instead of get on another ride, we decided to just hang out and look at the innovention exhibit in tomorrowland. We were standing in the revolving building listening to the guy give his presentation, and once again, Rob brought me closer and put his arm around me. He mentioned something about someone telling him his hairstyle looked like Patrick Dempsey, but he had no idea who PD was. I said, "Oh that's Doctor McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy. I've never seen that show, but yah, that's his nickname, and PD is a good looking guy, so you should take that as a compliment." He's like... "wow, McDreamy huh? what do YOU think?" I said "Well, you don't look like Patrick Dempsey to me, but you do look pretty McDreamy." LOL!

Then he tried to impress me by saying, "So, have you ever built a computer?" Me: "Yah, all the computers I've ever owned (besides my work laptop), I built it myself." Rob:"Like you ordered everything online and Rob: "Oh wow I didn't think you were serious. I was going to say I'm so proud because I just built a computer myself." Me: "So you bought all the separate parts and put it together?" Rob: "No, I went to the Dell website and clicked on all the features I wanted them to assemble." Me: "That's not building a computer, that's ordering one from Dell and specifying your requirements." Rob: "Yah I know, I didn't think you were going to say yes when I said 'Have you ever built a computer?'"

Finally, I had to walk him back out to the front gate, but we sat down again and talked for a little bit before I said goodbye. We talked about random stuff, work, etc. He said he heard Joe mention my birthday so he asked me when it was and what I was doing. I said I wasn't sure yet, but was thinking of having a bbq. He asked if he was invited to which I said Of Course! So now it looks like I have to get going on my birthday plans and send out the invitations soon. He said, "Well, hopefully I can make it, but I'm really glad I got some one on one time with you today." So we hugged, said goodbye and parted ways.

This morning I woke up and saw a text message on my phone from Rob. One of his favorite movie quotes is from the movie Dumb and Dumber, where Jim Carrey says "Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life. Mary and I went skiing, we made a snowman, she touched my leg." Rob once brought that up and I remembered the quote so I said it, and we both started laughing, so it's sorta become an inside joke. Anyway, his phone text message said "Thanks again! Twas a great time. We had churros together, we saw pirates, and I touched your arm a couple of times."

Needless to say, I'm very giddy right now. Ahh, I love Disneyland!


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